Luxury outdoor footstool

A faint breeze tussles your hair as you look out on the splendour of your lush, personal oasis, curated beautifully with iconic Royal Botania outdoor furniture. After a hectic workweek, you can finally put your feet up on an exquisitely crafted, design footrest and leave your cares behind.

Luxury Outdoor Footstools

A Royal Botania luxury outdoor footstool is the perfect place to put your feet up. Rest. Relax. If you enjoy quiet time outdoors, whether with a good book or glass of bubbly, you’ll love our vast offer of design outdoor furniture.

Each Royal Botania design is based on three key elements: aesthetics, ergonomics and engineering. They determine the genetic code of every single concept of our trendsetting design. Blending these ingredients together, while fine-tuning their balance, is our basic recipe to produce the best in quality outdoor furniture design.

Looking for a design outdoor footstool, our Ninix and Alura collections offer elegant simplicity at its finest. They combine light and durable aluminium with a batyline® fabric seating. If you prefer artistic playfullness, do have a look at our original Folia collection. Thanks to its striking design, inspired by the veins of a leaf, the Folia immediately attracts attention without being ostentatious. Contemporary elegance.

If you are fond of the natural look and feel of teak wood, The Vita and Beacher collections will offer you stylish presence. In Italian Vita means ‘waistline’ referring to the subtle feminine silhouette of the teak wooden frames of this outstanding range. These soft sculptured structures have a handwoven seat in Olefin ribbons. The classic Beacher collection offers that classic beach-inspired look that has thrived in our catalogue for over 25 years.

We guarantee flawless products

That is why we ensure every single step of the production process is done with attention to detail and a focus on creating quality, luxury outdoor footstools and other premium outdoor furniture. This commitment to excellence inspired us to set up our own production plant in 2002, just outside of Bangkok in Thailand.

Our own production plant gives us complete control over the quality of our high-end outdoor furniture. But that’s not all: it guarantees the sustainability of our working environment. It is our conviction that people must feel appreciation for their work to be motivated and focused on their task: making the best quality outdoor furniture. This belief inspires us to provide more than just a safe and healthy working environment. We also offer free meals and free on-site housing,  to many of our welders, weavers, grinders, technicians, quality controllers and assemblers. There’s also medical care, free English language lessons, sport activities, and even a kindergarten for the little ones. In line with our desire to create a company we can be proud of, Royal Botania, isn’t just a high-end furniture producer; it is a community dedicated to sustainability!

When you put your feet up on one of our luxury outdoor footstools, you’ll know that you have contributed to a sustainable world. So go on, put your feet up, lean back and enjoy, you deserve it!