Luxury outdoor accessories

A Dior scarf, a Louis Vuitton message pouch, or Tiffany brooch – it’s often been said that accessories make the outfit, and the same is true of curating your outdoor garden furniture. Those delicate flourishes and hints of elegance complete the dreamy aquarelle of your outdoor paradise. These hidden gems coalesce functionality and versatility with sophisticated design so that whether you’re lounging by the poolside or entertaining guests – it’s always a polished affair.

Luxury outdoor furniture accessories

You’re invited to sit back and relax in an oasis of your choosing. With a palette of natural fabrics and muted tones, Royal Botania’s premium outdoor furniture accessories collection inspires and rejuvenates.

Sloping landscapes, clad with green vineyards and old olive trees. Winding roads guarded by proud cypresses. Hilltops dotted with picturesque caramel villages, bathing in soft yellow sunlight. Tuscany, with its rich culture and cuisine, is beyond any doubt one of the most romantic regions on earth. We offer the furniture that blends so nicely into all this beauty…

Royal Botania – Indulge in finesse

Royal Botania modern garden accessories include a luxurious garden cushion box, which is generously sized and made in high grade stainless steel and A grade teak. Looking for something around the pool to hang your towel on? Fear not, Royal Botania Ninix garden furniture collection also includes a minimalist towel rail.

Furniture earns its accolades when it’s able to do more than what meets the eye. The right luxury outdoor furniture accessory in the right place makes the difference. The TONO poof, available in two sizes, and great to use as either a seat or footrest, dries quickly and can be used for storage. With any textile in the Royal Botania fabric collection, the TONO easily compliments your outdoor décor while hiding clutter.

The CALYPSO and TONO are all practical yet stylish, combining utility and common sense with luxury and quality design. By incorporating a huge swathe of colour and texture options, Royal Botania ensures outdoor furniture that is personalised and timeless.

Finely crafted and luxurious pieces of luxury outdoor furniture accessories, accented in natural, rustic textures. Thick, rich materials in lush browns, soft greens and soothing whites.

Our large collection of outdoor home accessories will provide your space with that extra character you have always wanted.

All garden accessories are made in highest quality all-weather materials including stainless steel, A- grade teak, galvanised powder coated steel and durable plastics. All our Royal Botania products combine top design with premium quality that guarantees durability, ensuring they are suitable for a lifetime of outdoor use.

Enjoy the precious moments in life with family and friends. We believe you deserve the best life has to offer. Sharing quality time outdoors is one of those things. You’ll do it with your sense of elegance and style. Royal Botania’s luxury outdoor furniture accessories will help you draw out your unique and elegant outdoor living space. Enjoy the best that life has to offer with luxury garden furniture accessories.