Luxury umbrella stands

Well-being means knowing when to indulge in exquisite materials not only beautiful, but timeless, and crafted with care. Royal Botania umbrella bases artfully support its immaculate collection of garden umbrellas, offering the convenience and resilience that should always go hand-in-hand with pure craftsmanship.

Luxury Umbrella Stands

You’ll instantly feel those holiday vibes when you have a nice barbecue with friends or family. Under the energising sun is where you like to charge up your batteries. Of course, you’ll want to enjoy your dinner in the beneficent shade. Your outdoor dining area can be an invaluable additional entertaining space during the warmer months. Your guests will be perfectly at ease under a Royal Botania design outdoor parasol.

Unique Shade Design, there is no better way to describe where Royal Botania’s luxury umbrella bases stand for. Royal Botania offers stylish and sustainable shade solutions for the residential and the project market.

The range consists of four luxury parasol collections and four basic types of luxury umbrella stands. From the modern elegant round Palma umbrella base in black and white that goes perfectly with -you guessed it- the Palma Umbrella collection, to the round umbrella base 70cm in black granite.

You prefer a square shape? The basic square umbrella base Black Pearl, combines natural stone with stainless steel. Or if you have the option of attaching your umbrella base to the floor, you can go for the flat design of the stainless steel or stainless steel electropolished design umbrella base of 70x70cm.

The most adaptable design is the mobile umbrella base for Shax 90×90 in stainless steel, electropolished or coated aluminium has that sleek elegant look and can be chosen in a variety of frame colours: white, stainless steel, electropolished, cappuccino or black. As with most of our Royal Botania products, you can adjust them perfectly to your style and preferences.

All Royal Botania’s luxury umbrella stands are crafted in exquisite materials, not only beautiful, but timeless and created with care. Royal Botania design umbrella bases artfully support its immaculate collection of garden umbrellas, offering the convenience and resilience that should always go hand-in-hand with pure craftsmanship.

Royal Botania – Indulge in finesse

Royal Botania designs outdoor lifestyle solutions, with durable, beautiful and serviceable shade products to enhance outdoor hospitable environments, to improve time spent outdoors at home. Royal Botania parasols and parasol bases can be found shading terraces, gardens and boutique resorts worldwide. Bring a piece of that vacation ambiance home to the backyard with Royal Botania products. Customize finish, colour and accents to tailor the outdoor oasis to suit the most discerning eye. Exclusive outdoor shading will give your guests that impression of surprise and pleasure, as your garden paradise glows as an extension of your endless charm and refinement.

Last but not least: you can rest assured that your luxury umbrella stands, as all Royal Botania products, are made in a sustainable way, so you can fully enjoy their beauty and quality